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In kitchens around the world are not uncommon dishes, which in its composition of ingredients or combination of products are alien to us. Try these dishes would be desirable only to those who love exotic, such as hunters less than usual fans. But there is a foreign cuisines and, conversely, very simple dishes that are prepared with the conventional products, popular in our country. And are familiar with such dishes definitely worth it - it allows you to diversify and make more interesting diet. Today we will get acquainted with the English cuisine dessert called "Trifle".

Trifle - this is a very simple dessert English cuisine, which is made from sponge cake or biscuits soaked in fruit juice (in soft variation) or liquor, wine (variation in alcohol), as well as fruit, jellies, meringues and whipped cream, sour cream, yogurt, etc. All the ingredients are finely chopped and alternate several times - spread layers, in the end we get the most delicate layered dessert. Even the name itself reflects the extreme simplicity of preparation Trifle - in the English translation of this word means "change" or "nothing."

Dessert recipe, which later was born Trifle, was first published in the book �The good huswife's Jewell� Thomas Dawson in Scotland already in 1596 - a dish with a pretty advanced age! However, if a dish prepared slightly differently and called him "ful", that is "fool" (meaning "a trifling matter," etc.). When the dessert was added eggs and bread soaked in alcohol, it has become more like a modern Trifle. Modern Trifle recipe was published in the cookbook �the Art of Cookery� Hannah Glass in 1747, so often the date of birth of this dish is widely recognized 18 instead of the 16th century, although its real fans tend to believe otherwise.

So, if you want to please yourself and your loved ones, to cook a delicious dessert, but do not spend a half a day, then Trifle fit just fine. Stock up on the desired product (which, incidentally, can be different - to your taste, in England, each family his signature recipe for this dessert) and ten minutes of time - no more need neither culinary skills nor rich experience.

A simple recipe for making dessert "Trifle"

picture - Trifle - simple English dessert

Need: to sponge - 115g sugar 85g flour, 3 eggs, 1 tablespoon hot water, 1 tsp baking powder, to assemble the dessert - 450-500g fresh berries or fruit, or canned, ready 500-600ml custard, jelly 500ml to taste (raspberry, orange or other.), 250ml of cream 35% 75-80ml sherry.

How to cook a simple Trifle. Of these ingredients to cook biscuits, cool, then cut it into pieces of 1-2cm average or just pick your hands, sprinkle with sherry and let soak. Berries and fruits, as well as the finished jelly finely chopped, to sweeten the cream and beat until stability. Assemble the dessert, alternating layers: the bottom of the form to put the pieces of biscuit, then fruits and berries, then cream, jelly, biscuit again, fruits and berries, cream, jelly - you can repeat the layers as many times as you want. Remove dessert in the refrigerator before serving to issue whipped cream, you can sprinkle nuts, mint.

Replace sherry can Marsala or just dry white wine, dry port wine, beverage strength must be 17-20 degrees. Generally, the amount of alcohol in this dessert also varies - some people like "drunk Trifle" with a lot of alcohol, while others only slightly sprinkled cake or cookies for alcohol flavors. If you are cooking Trifle children, instead of alcohol can take just fruit juice.

Trifle not only very simple and delicious, but also incredibly beautiful dessert if it effectively draw. To effectively, however, make a special effort is also not necessary - just lay out the ingredients in a tall glass and kremanku is already beautiful! Well, we will talk about yet another recipe Trifle with strawberries and homemade vanilla cream.

Trifle recipe dessert with strawberries and vanilla cream

You will need: 180g of finished biscuit cake or cupcake, 1.5 cups of cream and 35% fresh or frozen strawberries, 4 tablespoons liqueur, powdered sugar, strawberry jam, almond petals, mint leaves, vanilla cream home - 300ml milk 100g sugar 20g butter 4 egg yolks, 2.5 tbsp cornstarch, 1 stick of vanilla or vanilla 2 tablespoons liqueur, 1 tablespoon flour.

How to Cook Strawberry Trifle. To prepare the vanilla cream pour the milk into a saucepan, put the contents of the vanilla sticks and herself, on low heat bring to a boil, remove from heat. Whip the egg yolks with the sugar until fluffy little light cream, then add the blended with starch flour, stir until smooth. Pour in the milk cooked weight, stir well, again put on the stove, turn on low heat and with vigorous whipping bring to a boil, immediately remove from heat, pour the liqueur and put the butter, stir the mixture until dissolved oil, cool cream to remove 15min in the cold. Cut the sponge cake into cubes ready, sprinkle with half of liquor, then lubricate the jam. Whip cream with powdered sugar. Take a la carte molds, products spread layers: cake, berries, cream - several times to repeat the layers, cover with cling film and remove the molds in the fridge for 2 hours. Before serving, decorate Strawberry Trifle mint, almonds, strawberries and whipped cream.

You can not prepare their own cream, and ready to buy a store in bags, in this case, simply add the 2 tablespoons liquor and collect dessert.

You can dream and, based on the principle of preparing Trifle, do it with any product suitable for desserts. You can, for example, make coffee and banana Trifle.

Trifle recipe dessert with coffee and banana

picture - Trifle - simple English dessert

Need: 250ml milk 150ml cream 33%, 100ml coffee, biscuits 120g, 3 eggs, 2 bananas, 2 tablespoons almond liqueur and vanilla sugar, 2 tsp corn starch.

How to prepare coffee and banana Trifle. Pour into the pan 200ml milk, bring to a boil, mix the rest with starch, egg yolks and sugar, pour this mixture into the hot milk, boil over low heat, stirring constantly, until thickened. Ready cream remove from heat, allow to cool. In stable foam whipped cream, peel and finely chop the bananas and mix liquor and coffee soaked in a mixture of sliced cake. Spread dessert portioned kremanki glass layers: cake, cream, bananas, whipped cream - repeated several times, must be on top of the cream. Decorate the finished dessert almond petals, let stand in the refrigerator for 1-2h.

Trifle - a great dessert that is easy to cook and conquer all gourmets, try and you will be delighted by this simple English cuisine!

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