Summer: eating light fruit desserts

→ Summer: eating light fruit desserts

picture - Summer: eating light fruit desserts

Summer - it's time to give up junk food and give your body a break. In the first place in the diet for this you need to put fruits and vegetables instead of pasta, ravioli and similar dishes - vegetable stews and salads, instead of high-calorie confectionery sweets - fruits and berries. In this article we will talk about summer dessert of berries and fruits that can be easily and quickly prepared.

Fruit desserts - it is an excellent replacement for sweet confections, they not only satisfy the moral and physical need for sweet, but also help you lose pounds or so, because less calories. The simplest version of this dessert - this, of course, fruit salad: just pick your favorite fruits and berries, slice them and mix, a wonderful dessert is ready! Quick, easy, very tasty and healthy - what could be better? However salads fruits and berries - is not the only option for their feed as a dessert. On this and will be discussed in our selection of the most delicious fruit and berry summer desserts.

The second option after the fruit salad supply of berries and fruits as dessert, if not the first, given the historical reality in our country - these are the same fruits and berries, but in splendid isolation: strawberries, currants, raspberries, plums, peaches, etc. cut (fully or - depending on the size of the fetus) and interspersed with sugar. When you add sugar from fruits and berries juice is released, and it turns out even tastier and sweeter. This variant supply of berries and fruits in summer also purchased many a sweet tooth. Slice the strawberries or just pour the little sugar or any other berry fruit - and voila, a delicious dessert is ready. Well, if you do not mind a little more work, then the following recipes will also be useful. So, what kinds of desserts can be prepared in the summer of fruits and berries?

Options summer dessert made from fruits and berries

picture - Summer: eating light fruit desserts

Jellies, creams, mousses, sherbet, ice cream, yogurt, parfaits - all these can be prepared from fruits and berries. However, in the summer to expose fresh fruit heat treatment does not want to, so we'll just such embodiments, desserts, in which fruits and berries are used fresh or undergo minimal cooking.

One of the nice options - to prepare yogurt with pieces of fruits and berries.

Recipe of strawberry yogurt with kiwi

Need: 400 natural yogurt, 5 kiwi, strawberry taste, powdered sugar.

How to cook yogurt with strawberries and kiwi fruit. Rinse and prepare the strawberries, cut. Peel and slice the kiwi. Stir yogurt with powdered sugar, add kiwi and strawberries, stir and serve dessert in kremanki.

In hot weather, this dessert can freeze slightly.

In general, various milk and milk products are perfectly combined with any berries and fruits, thanks to various desserts can be prepared in a huge set.

Kefir recipe apricot dessert with mint

You will need: 400 ml yogurt 1%, 300 g of ripe apricots, 4 tsp brown sugar, 1 handful of fresh mint.

How to cook a dessert of apricots and yogurt. Stir the yogurt and sugar, add coarsely chopped mint leaves, stir again. In several places, the skin prick apricots, put them into glasses, pour yogurt and mint stand 2 hours at room temperature. Before serving remove deset 10 minutes in the freezer.

Another popular option supply of fruit and berry dessert - in the form of rolls, try it and you!

Recipe fruit rolls "Summer"

picture - Summer: eating light fruit desserts

Need: thin pancakes, fruits and berries to taste.

How to cook fruit rolls. Cook crepes. Berries and fruit cut into small pieces: large - straws, small and medium-sized berries can be left whole. Pour the berries and fruit sugar, wait until they are soft and begin to allocate juice, put on pancakes, smooth, roll each pancake rolls, cut with a sharp knife into individual rolls.

Pancakes for the rolls can be made of chocolate by adding cocoa powder dough.

This spectacular and delicious dessert sweet tooth and conquer all lovers of oriental cuisine. Often in fruit Rollo berries and fruits combine as stuffing for savory rolls, soft cheeses such as Philadelphia, you can do the same, or add the condensed milk, honey, chocolate, nuts and other additives to your taste, the main thing - do not be afraid to experiment.

The next popular type of fruit desserts - with the addition of whipped cream and alcohol.

Currant dessert recipe

You will need: 250 grams of red and black currants, 1 orange, 2 tablespoons liquor "Cointreau" (Port wine / brandy) and honey, whipped cream to taste.

How to cook summer dessert of blackcurrant. A fine grater to remove the zest from the orange, squeeze the juice from the pulp. Mix juice with zest, liqueur and honey. Put currants in a dish, pour the syrup, put into the cold night. Before serving, put on kremanki currants and place whipped cream.

In the same way you can prepare a dessert of almost any other berries and fruits. If you use a little less ingredients can be prepared as follows desserts - fruit or berries with sweet syrup. It's a little longer than just sprinkle berries or fruit sugar, and a lot easier than to cook more complicated dessert.

Dessert recipe melon syrup

picture - Summer: eating light fruit desserts

Need: 1-1.5 kg melon (1 whole melon), 2-3 tablespoons sugar, 1 lemon.

How to cook melon dessert in syrup. Cut the melon pulp by 2-2.5 cm cubes. Lemon zest grater to remove, squeeze the juice from the pulp, combine it with sugar, cook the syrup, add 1-2 tbsp peel, stir, cool syrup. Drizzle syrup cooked melon before serving let stand for half an hour.

In the same way you can prepare a dessert of peaches and other fruits and berries. And you can make baked dessert.

Recipe baked fruit dessert

You will need: 50 ml honey, 2 pears, thyme sprigs and brush of green grapes b / c, 1 tsp vanilla sugar.

How to cook a baked fruit dessert. Wash the fruit, cut the pears into quarters, cut out the seeds, put the fruit in a baking dish. Wine mixed with sugar and honey, add fruit, bake them for 40 minutes, basting periodically stand out juice. Serve this dessert can be topped with whipped cream and sugar.

Options for preparing light and delicious fruit desserts really a lot: Combine berries and fruits with each other, with sweeteners, milk and milk products, creams, and marinate it freezes - in any case, these desserts are obtained more easily as compared with confectionery and will not affect negative impact on the shape and health.

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