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→ Stuffed apples: the best recipes

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Stuffed Apples - a very popular dessert, which is made by many during the harvest of the fruit. You can cook them with sweet and savory fillings with, and we will tell you about the best recipes of this dessert.

Stuffed apples, depending on the product used for filling, it is possible to reckon the desserts, and the second main meals (for example, if they are cooked with meat). In this article we will talk about cooking the most delicious dessert options for this dish.

One of the most popular choices among frequent stuffed apples is this dessert with cottage cheese. Apples and cheese perfectly match in taste terms, besides presenting an extremely useful dish.

First recipe: Stuffed cheese apples

You will need: 200g cottage cheese 9%, 8 large apples and dried apricots, 1 egg, 3 tablespoons honey.

How to cook stuffed with apples and cheese. Cut off from the top of the apples, tea spoon carefully remove the core and a portion of the pulp. For the filling mix the egg and cottage cheese with honey and chopped dried apricots fine. Put the stuffing in the apples, seal, cover caps, put on baking paper in a higher form, put in a preheated 180 degree oven for half an hour. Check cooking apples must purchase baked kind.

Stuffed eat, and just baked apples, very recommended by doctors: so they are even better absorbed by the body, giving a lot of valuable substances. This is especially true for people with digestive problems and irritable bowel syndrome, when many fresh fruits cause unpleasant consequences. The following recipe will be particularly interesting to those who seek to healthy eating.

Recipe stuffed apples with oatmeal

You will need: 4-7 medium apples,? cup oatmeal oats, 1-3 tbsp honey or sugar syrup, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, ground cinnamon.

How to cook stuffed with apples and oatmeal. Stir dry oatmeal with butter and honey, you can also add ground walnuts. Cut apples with "caps", along with the stem, cut neatly core hole to put up close to each other in a higher form. Stuff the apple filling, sprinkle with cinnamon, cover with a lid until soft bake at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes.

The smaller the size of apples, so, consequently, they will qualify. Also, the cooking time depends on the juiciness of apples.

Stuffed apples can not only other sweet foods, but also fruits and berries - is very interesting baked fruit or fruit and berry dessert.

Recipe stuffed apples berries

picture - Stuffed apples: the best recipes

You will need: 2 apple? lemon on 3st.l. wild berries and whipped cream, sugar.

How to cook stuffed with apples berries. Prepare the apples to the stuffing: cut off the top, cut out the seeds and pulp part without cutting through the wall. Cut apple pulp, remove the seeds and mix with cream and sugar, pyurirovat starting apple puree, put the berries on top and sprinkle with sugar all. On a baking sheet in the oven to bake apples, put them on parchment, about 15-20min in a preheated 150-180 degree oven.

In Multivarki cook stuffed with apples can be on the mode "Baking".

Stuffed apples - it's simple, tasty and very useful, wish you bon appetit!

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