Goose stuffed with apples

→ Goose stuffed with apples

picture - Goose stuffed with apples

Required Products:

1 pcs. big goose

1 kg Antonov apples

2 Garlic - cloves


A large goose eviscerated, opal, Rinse, pat dry, season with salt inside and out, rub chesnokom.Nachinite goose with apples, cut into quarters, with remote bolls and peeled.

Goose sew, place on a baking sheet back down, and bake in the oven for 2-3 hours. In the process of frying periodically watered stand out Socko.

Finished the goose out onto a plate, complete your fruits, berries and herbs. You can bake apples separately and use them as a garnish for the gander.

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