The roast goose with apples, raisins and honey

→ The roast goose with apples, raisins and honey

picture - The roast goose with apples, raisins and honey

Goose is medium in size

15 PCs apples (sour)

1 tbsp. honey

4 tbsp. raisins

8-10 PCs olives



parsley - to taste

Clean and clean the goose inside and out, RUB with salt. Peel 6-7 apples, cut into quarters and remove the core. Raisins, wash and soak in hot water. When it is slightly wet, remove it and toss with apples and honey. This mixture nafarshiruyte goose, cut sew thread. The carcass goose put the pan back down, add half a Cup of water and put in a very hot oven. When the goose is browned, the carcass turn cut down. When this side of the carcass browned, reduce fire to weak. Every 7-10 minutes carcass water with fat, which uitableviews on a baking sheet. After 3 hours of cooking the goose is ready. To check availability you can, through the carcass of a thin wooden stick. If it is in the flesh of a goose without effort, then the dish is ready. A few minutes before the end of the roasting carcass goose put the remaining apples, pour the fat and bake in very hot oven until tender, not assuming that they cracked. When the meat is ready, remove the thread and remove the stuffing. Put it on a dish, put the carcass of a goose, and all around lay the baked apples.

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