Simple homemade desserts: Milk Jelly

→ Simple homemade desserts: Milk Jelly

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Milk Jelly - it's simple, tasty and healthy, as for the preparation of this dessert as the basis used milk. In this article we will talk about how to properly and cook the Milk Jelly, discover the intricacies and secrets of cooking dessert.

If you feel that you do not like milk jelly - so you just have not tried a tasty milk jelly! This light, delicate, airy dessert will impress any sweet tooth.

Learn how to make jelly stands for several reasons. Firstly, this dessert is very fond of children, and secondly, and adults to make jelly good indifferent: tasty and low-calorie compared to many other desserts, thirdly, jelly - it is also useful dessert, eating that periodically can improve the state of bone and cartilage.

Gelatin, which is preparing milk jelly - a product containing very important for the body substances: amino acids. Among these amino acids perfect prophylactic against diseases such as arthritis - glycine. To repair damaged cartilage and bone glycine is necessary. In milk jelly is a useful substance is combined with calcium and another - the effect is obvious! To make this even more useful jelly instead of sugar can be sweetened with honey dessert.

Invented jelly, like many other desserts that are now classics of world cuisine, French. Jelly fans were many French rulers, including Napoleon, who loved to regale them with his beloved Josephine. Here are just at the time of jelly was not as diverse as it is today, when the jelly can be made from almost all, and even tea.

100g jelly contains only about 90 calories.

Cooking Recipes milk jelly

picture - Simple homemade desserts: Milk Jelly

Cook the Milk Jelly is easy: it requires milk, gelatin and sugar, and all other products additives - at your discretion.

As a rule, milk jelly for flavoring added cinnamon or vanilla, but the coffee, chocolate, fruit juice, cocoa, fruit and other products have a significant effect on the taste of the dessert, not shading it, and giving a whole new tone.

Skimmed milk is not suitable for jelly, because dessert from it will be tasteless, with a bluish tinge. Powder - also should not be used. For a tasty milk jelly should be used only whole cow's milk, it is better - pasteurized. Replace milk can only sour cream. Boil the milk in the cooking process is not necessary (and gelatin at blooming), or jelly acquire an unpleasant taste.

Simple recipe for making milk jelly

Need 2.5 cups of milk? cups water, 3 tablespoons of sugar? tablespoons gelatin, vanilla.

How to cook a simple milk jelly. Cooled boiled water pour gelatin and leave for half an hour. Milk bring to a boil and immediately remove from heat, add sugar, once again bring to a boil, remove from heat and stir enter squeezed gelatin. In slightly chilled weight need to add vanilla to taste, stir, strain through a sieve into all the molds, put into the cold to freezing. To remove the jelly molds, omit them in hot water for 2-3sek.

To jelly turned out well, it is very important to work with gelatin. The standard proportion (if the package otherwise stated) - 8 parts water 1 part of gelatin. Dilute the gelatin in cold water only, then you need to give a mixture of time to swell. When the swell - for an hour, ye shall shoot gelatin in a water bath, stirring constantly, until it is completely dissolved. Sometimes it is not necessary to dissolve the gelatin - after the swelling of his right can be put in the dessert (this is indicated in the recipe). It is important not to boil or heat above 80 degrees gelatin, or jelly can not thicken.

Another version of the classic milk jelly - with yachnymi yolks

Recipe for making milk jelly with egg yolks

You will need: 10 grams of gelatin, egg yolk 4, 4 tablespoons sugar, 1 cup milk / cream, vanilla.

How to cook the Milk Jelly with egg yolks. Yolks with vanilla and sugar, pour the hot milk. Gelatin to swell in water, put into the milk mixture, heat the mixture until thick. Pour the mass into molds, put into the cold to freezing.

You can decorate with fruit jelly: for this use any soft fruit - peaches, kiwi, apricots, tangerines, oranges, berries - cherries, raspberries, strawberries. Fruits should be cut, remove the seeds, put into molds for jelly and then they pour.

Very easy to prepare and milk-chocolate jelly.

Recipe milk-chocolate jelly

Need: 750ml milk 150g chocolate 100g sugar 30g gelatin, vanilla to taste.

How to cook the Milk Jelly with Chocolate. In the cooled boiled water to soak the gelatin in a ratio of 1 to 8, leave for half an hour. On a coarse grater rub chocolate, along with sugar dissolved in hot milk, add vanilla, then enter the swollen gelatin, warm, pour the mixture over the cups and remove solidify in the refrigerator.

Recipe for coffee and milk jelly

picture - Simple homemade desserts: Milk Jelly

You will need: 100 ml water, 20 g of gelatin, 2 cups freshly brewed from coffee beans and milk 4 tbsp sugar 1 pinch cinnamon, vanilla.

How to prepare coffee and milk jelly. Bring the milk with 3 tablespoons sugar to a boil, allow to cool slightly, add the vanilla and put soaked in 50ml water gelatin (10g). coffee add the remaining sugar, cinnamon, soaked in 50ml remaining gelatin. Pour into molds milk or coffee mixture to remove for easy freezing in the cold, then the second layer of the mixture and pour another way to alternate layers, giving each harden (or they get mixed up) until you run out of ingredients.

Puff jelly is considered "aerobatics" for those who know how to cook this dessert.

Everyone who knows the art of making jelly, this dessert often appears on the menu, because it, again, and tasty, and useful, and contains few calories - just ideal dessert!

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