Dessert Milk chocolate jelly"

→ Dessert Milk chocolate jelly"

picture - Dessert Milk chocolate jelly"

750 ml milk

150 g chocolate

100 g sugar

30 g gelatin


In the ratio of 1:8 soak the gelatine in cold boiled water, leave for 40 min to swell.

RUB on a large grater chocolate, together with the sugar to dissolve it in hot milk, then add the vanilla sugar and the dissolved gelatin, bring mixture to a boil, pour into molds, let cool.

Before serving the dessert, Milk chocolate jelly" in tins drops in hot water for 2-3 seconds, then form quickly wipes off with a dry cloth, covered with a plate, flipped and removed.

Decorate the jelly can strawberries, whipped cream or syrup.

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