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If the decoration of various dishes Christmas buffet they serve themselves, beautifully decorated and elegant, with drinks, the situation is somewhat different. To make Christmas more festive drinks, they can submit a properly decorated glasses and stemware. Let's talk about options new year clearance drinks.

What drinks to choose for the upcoming year of the Black Water Snake, we have already mentioned, are exquisite, expensive, high quality. However, supply of these drinks should be appropriate, especially if you want to create a fun and festive mood, to bring in the new year atmosphere in all that relates to this holiday.

Juices, water, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, cocktails, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, just alcoholic drinks - all served on a festive table, usually in a transparent glass and crystal glasses, cups and glasses. The easiest way to decorate for new year dishes to drinks to tie them rain, tinsel, etc. But there are also more refined, but no less simple ways.

In many supermarkets in the New year's eve there is a sugar confetti and colored sugar (need to look at the departments that sells biscuits, chocolate and other sweets). Using together with this liqueur or some other drink, which after drying becomes sticky, can be great to make glasses for drinks. Colored sugar is a variety of colors, select the appropriate flavor (green, red and so on), sprinkle the sugar of different colors in different plates, one plate pour a drink, which will become sticky after drying. It is necessary to lower the glasses, turning them upside down, in the liquor, then immediately dipped in sugar, put on the legs and leave it to dry. Processed glass with sugar confetti. Also the glasses for drinks you can make multi-colored foil.

picture - Design ideas Christmas drinks

Another variant design of the beverage ingredients. So, a glass of almost any drink you can decorate circle any of the fruit, the circumference of which for more elegance, you can insert a clove buds.

picture - Design ideas Christmas drinks

Of course, the Christmas drink is champagne. Usually it is served in a special bucket, filled with ice, however, if such a bucket in Your house no, you can resort to the very original version. Grab a bottle of champagne, cranberry and distilled water (or filtered water). You will also need dishes that resembles a bucket shape (deep bowl, packaging from a child's Christmas gift, popcorn, and so on), you should not use only glass - it can crack from thermal shock. Next you need to find the vessel that is well placed bottle (this can be a plastic container for a blender). This vessel must be filled with something heavy, put into a large capacity bucket, and between them pour water on the water to put cranberries (they will stay on it, and not sink to the bottom). Design next you need to carefully put it in the freezer and leave it there until the water is completely cures. Once that happens, out of the vessel it is necessary to remove the cargo, which he was filled, and filled it with hot water so it will be easy and fast to get ice. Then under hot water for a couple of seconds to lower itself bucket gently to turn him over and get the resulting ice bucket. Submitting champagne on the table in such a spectacular bucket (it needs to put on some flat dish), can be a pleasant surprise for all guests.

picture - Design ideas Christmas drinks

Be creative and experiment, let Your Christmas table will be bright and elegant!

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