8 cocktail recipes with cognac

→ 8 cocktail recipes with cognac

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Cognac - warming drink, and it is - exactly what you need in the late autumn and winter. In this collection we have collected for you 8 simple recipes alcoholic cocktails with brandy, which can be easily prepared using ingredients available.

And do you know why brandy called so? It's an interesting fact: in France, there is a city of the same name in the Poitou-Charentes region, but it is not a coincidence - is now regarded as one of the most noble among existing alcohol brandy named because it was in honor of the city, because there he was invented.

Today cognac became one of the most popular beverages in the world, and not only drink it in its pure form, but also combining with other drinks and food in the form of cocktails. It is believed that the best companion for cognac - it's coffee, which emphasizes the benefit all the advantages of this noble drink. Also wonderful companions cognac are sweet and juicy fruit, especially peaches specialists identify which is the best finish reveals any good cognac, however, have the same effect and other fruits with these characteristics.

For any holiday cocktails with brandy will be an excellent option drinks. Well, if you have not prepared such drinks, then you should definitely try it - you'll hit all the lovers of brandy and more!

In this post we have collected 8 cocktail recipes with cognac, which is easy and simple to prepare.

First recipe: Cocktail "Southern" with cognac, orange and wine

picture - 8 cocktail recipes with cognac

Need: 500ml red wine / port, 5-7 pieces of sugar, 0.5 cups of brandy and water, 1 lemon, orange slices.

How to cook a cocktail cognac south. Take enamel bowl, put it in sugar cubes, soak the lemon juice. Pour sugar to wine, brandy, cooled boiled water, 5-6 ice cubes and a few slices of orange, mix well, pour into a cocktail pitcher, let stand for half an hour, pour into the glasses or wide glasses.

Recipe Two: Brandy Punch

Need: 2l of water, 500ml of vodka, cognac 400ml, 10 lemons, 3 oranges, 1 kg of sugar.

How to prepare a punch in cognac. Rub with orange peel and lemon sugar. Clear lemons and oranges on a white crust, remove seeds, cut into circles, put in porcelain / ceramic bowl, add sugar zest, pour boiling water. When the sugar has dissolved and the water cools, pour vodka and brandy, cover the bowl with warm thick cloth (a blanket, blanket) for 3h leave. Before serving, drain punch.

Recipe Three: Simple fruit brandy punch

You will need: 1 liter of apple juice, 125ml brandy, sugar.

How to prepare a punch with brandy and apple juice. Stir in brandy and juice, add sugar to taste, stir until it dissolves, remove the cold. When serving pour punch into glasses.

Recipe Four: Brandy grapefruit-nat

picture - 8 cocktail recipes with cognac

Need: to 50ml of mineral water and grapefruit juice, 35ml brandy 15ml lemon juice, 1 egg, 2 tsp honey.

How to cook with brandy nat. Pour all ingredients except mineral water in a shaker, mix well. Pour into a cocktail glass, putting it the prerequisite amount of ice, pour mineral water.

Recipe Five: P. French champagne and cognac

Need: 100ml sweet champagne, brandy 35ml, 15ml lemon juice, 2 tsp sugar syrup. In a shaker pour lemon juice, syrup and brandy, mix, pour in a cocktail glass and add the pre-ice, pour the champagne.

Recipe Six: Cocktails with brandy champagne cobbler

Need: 60ml of sweet champagne, 50g of fruit and berries (peach, apricot, pear, strawberry, raspberry), 1 tbsp cherry liqueur, brandy and lemon juice.

How to prepare a cocktail of champagne with cognac cobbler. Wide glass of a third finely chopped fill with ice, top it with berries and fruits, pour the brandy, liqueur after him, then the lemon juice and the last - champagne.

Recipe Seven: Cognac-cobbler

picture - 8 cocktail recipes with cognac

Need: 70ml cognac at 40ml sugar syrup and of mineral water, 30 g of lemon juice and canned / fresh fruit.

How to cook a cognac-cobbler. In shaker put finely crushed ice, add all ingredients except the fruit mix and fruit put mix again. Pour into cocktail glass.

Recipe eighth: Coffee and cognac cocktail

Need: 60ml espresso 30ml cognac 15g sugar syrup, orange zest to taste.

How to cook a cocktail with coffee and brandy. Mix in a shaker brandy syrup and iced coffee, pour into a tall glass, arrange orange zest.

For this cocktail is better to use instead of 30ml cognac 15 ml 15ml brandy and liqueur Grand Marnier, you can replace this liqueur Cointreau. Or, you can insist brandy with orange peel for a couple days.

Cognac cocktails - noble, elegant. They certainly will set a good mood, give your festive evening special atmosphere. Try to surprise the guests and ourselves with new faces such a familiar beverage that you will discover by preparing any of the offered cocktails.

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