Decorating ideas Christmas table 2013. How to please a Snake?

→ Decorating ideas Christmas table 2013. How to please a Snake?
picture - Decorating ideas Christmas table 2013. How to please a Snake?

Before the New year a few days are left, which in the pre-holiday rush usually fly very fast. Not having time to recover, we already cover the Christmas table, trying to catch it by the beginning of the holiday, but also to please the guests. Of course, every woman wants her Desk was not only full of delicious food, but was also characterized by elegance, was decorated beautifully and stylishly. So, let's talk about ideas decoration Christmas table.

In accordance with the generally accepted rules of table setting new year's eve should be the standard, but some add-ons with regard to the nature and preferences of the hostess of the next year of the Black water snake, to make possible. So, a very appropriate use of tablecloths, napkins or utensils, which are green, blue, cyan, and black colors. But if these tablecloths You have always remains relevant white tablecloth with smoothed a crease in the middle.

  • Note: the tablecloth and napkins, according to etiquette, must be of the same color, and all used dishes should be in the same style.

A great way to decorate a festive table with napkins. To use at a time and paper, and cloth. Well, if the paper will be decorated in a Christmas theme (good to buy these wipes can be in any supermarket), and the fabric will have the same color, but will be solid. Just put a nicely folded napkin (for example, can be folded into a tube and tie rain) on a plate or near appliances.

Another great way to decorate the Christmas table is put on him the fruits in beautiful vases. And festive touches you can add, if you register on-Christmas glasses, glasses for drinks. To do this, you can also use the rain, tinsel, foil, and other suitable to create a festive mood jewelry.

Of course, whatever the decoration of the Christmas buffet, main is, of course, food. Beautifully decorated dishes - that's the surest way to create a Christmas atmosphere. Festive decoration salads (see design ideas and serving salad), hot, meat and fruit plates will be the biggest contribution in the Christmas mood. So, for example, even a simple mashed potatoes, you can make bright, if you put it on a dish in the form of a snake and cover thinly sliced black olives and green olives. Other ideas decoration hot, salads and other dishes, we describe in more detail in separate articles.

New year is bright festive lights, tinsel, fireworks and, of course, candles. If you arrange Christmas table not only napkins, dishes and candles, a Snake as a lover of all that sparkles, glitters and shines, is sure to enjoy. And do not forget about such traditional ways of decorating the table as bouquets of flowers, Christmas toy figurines, spruce branches. Put on a festive table figure Housewives next year, and it will bring You luck and prosperity!

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