Salad "bell"

→ Salad "bell"

picture - Salad "bell"

3 eggs

3 boiled potatoes

2 pickles

1 boiled carrots

1 apple

1 onions

1 Bank of canned tuna

? jars of canned corn
some corn to choose? we'll show


green peas

This delicious and easy to prepare salad perfectly decorate Christmas New Year's table and have everyone's taste.

Grate the potatoes, put in a dish, giving the shape of a bell, fluff with mayonnaise.

Tuna knead, put a layer of potatoes, then put the chopped onion, mayonnaise.

The next layer - grated cucumber, mayonnaise, then corn, grated apple, mayonnaise, the last layer - grated egg.

Garnish with carrot bow, and the lower part of the bell pomegranate seeds and green peas.

Before serving on the New Year's table cool New Year's salad "Bell" in the refrigerator.

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