Christmas Salad "Garnet hedgehog"

→ Christmas Salad "Garnet hedgehog"

picture - Christmas Salad "Garnet hedgehog"

200 g champignons

5-6 fruit prunes

3 boiled chicken eggs

3 pickles

1 Boiled chicken breast

1 leek

? Pomegranate pitted

green onions

some mayonnaise choose? we'll show

vegetable fat


Finely chop the chicken, in the remainder of its cooking broth soak for 20 minutes, prunes, then finely chop it.

White part of the leek chopped, fry in vegetable oil, add chopped mushrooms, fry until complete evaporation of liquid salted.

Cut into small cubes cucumbers, eggs grate.

Before serving on the New Year's table draw salad Christmas "Garnet hedgehog" like this: to lay layers ingredients promazyvaya mayonnaise, in the form of a hedgehog (the mushrooms and onions, chicken, prunes, cucumbers, eggs), top with pomegranate seeds, make prune nose and eyes hedgehog , stick feathers green onions in a mustache and around the hedgehog.

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