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picture - Salad "Garnet Bracelet"Quite popular salad lately become just a salad "Garnet Bracelet", which combined the great taste and useful properties of pomegranate.

Salad truly is unique, the one who tried it would not be able to disagree, because the taste quality salad is simply impossible to describe in words. Moreover, the salad is just delightful fascinating appearance.

If you decide to make your New Year's table exquisite and beautiful, the perfect choice would be fat "Garnet Bracelet"

To prepare the salad, we need: 1 onion, 2 beets, 2 potatoes, 2 carrots, 200g. Chicken, 2 eggs, 1-2 pomegranate, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, walnuts.

Take the potatoes, carrots and beets eggs and boil. After a stand, we disable the pan and put the vegetables and eggs to cool.

After all all the vegetables must grate, do not mix them, that is, at once, prepare separate plates, in order to divide the boiled and grated vegetables.

Now you need to cook chicken, cook it until tender, set aside to cool, then cut into small strips or cubes.

Onion cut into very small, and fry using refined oil.

To beautifully and correctly put the salad, we need a large shallow dish in the middle of which stands in advance to put a glass.

Then it is necessary to begin to spread layers of lettuce, around the glass, so you can give it the appearance of a bracelet.

All layer can be further pepper or salt, at your convenience.

Each layer of mayonnaise peremazyvaetsya

1 layer - boiled potatoes and grated

2 layer - beets (half of the harvested)

3 layer - grated boiled carrot

4 layer - walnuts

5 layer - to cut chicken (half harvested)

6 layer - fried onions

7 layer - eggs

8 layer - chicken

9 layer - beets

After that, take out the glass, rub liberally salad with mayonnaise, and decorate it with pomegranate.

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