Salad "Coral Bracelet"

→ Salad "Coral Bracelet"

picture - Salad "Coral Bracelet"

200 g hot-smoked fish

3 boiled eggs

2 pickled cucumber (or fresh, to taste)

1 avocado

1 boiled beets

1/2 onions

2 Art. l. picture - Salad "Coral Bracelet" red caviar


This New Year's salad pleasantly surprised by all the participants at the holiday table, it looks like a "Garnet Bracelet", but this variation is easier, this salad perfectly decorate the Christmas table.

Grate on medium grater beets, eggs, peeled avocado and cucumber cut into small cubes.

Mash with a fork fish fillet, salad spread on a flat round platter, placing the center of the glass: first, avocado, mayonnaise mixed with beets, fish with mayonnaise? finely chopped onion, cucumbers, eggs with mayonnaise.

Before serving remove the New Year's table salad "Coral Bracelet" in the cold for impregnation, and then remove the glass from the center, draw Christmas salad with red caviar and greens.

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