"Cap of Monomakh"

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picture - "Cap of Monomakh"

1 PCs beets

3 PCs potatoes

100-150 g cheese

3-4 PCs eggs

1 PCs carrot (large)

300 g pork

green peas
some peas to choose? we'll show

1 PCs garnet

50 g walnuts


1 garlic - tooth


Boil the beets and potatoes, cool, peel and we shall RUB on a coarse grater in different plates.

Raw carrots will wash, clean, and we shall RUB on a small grater.

Eggs will cook, clean, and we shall RUB proteins on a large scale, and the yolks on a fine grater in different plates.

The meat will cook and cut into cubes or strips.

The cheese we shall RUB on a coarse grater.

Walnuts are finely chopped. Garlic squeeze through chesnokodavilku, and mix with mayonnaise.

Now put the salad layers, lubricating each mayonnaise, mixed with garlic:

1st layer: potatoes (half

2nd layer: beets

3rd layer: carrots (half

4th layer: walnuts (half

5th layer: meat (half

6th layer: potatoes (remaining

7th layer: egg yolks

8th layer: cheese (half

9th layer: meat (remaining

10th layer: carrot (remaining

The salad on top of a well to coat with mayonnaise and decorate under a "cap of Monomakh".

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