Salad �General�

→ Salad �General�

picture - Salad �General�

2-3 PCs boiled potatoes

some mayonnaise to choose? we'll show


sour cream

carrots raw

radish (black)

beets boiled

2 PCs boiled egg (.)

black and green olives

cabbage leaf

1 layer - boiled potatoes - 2-3 pieces chopped into cubes, season with salt. 2 layer mayonnaise 3 layer - chopped onion, salt. 4 layer cream layer 5 carrots, raw grated on a fine grater �mush�. 6 layer mayonnaise 7 layer radish (black) grated on a coarse grater. 8 layer mayonnaise 9 layer cream layer 10 - beets boiled grated on a coarse grater 11 layer mayonnaise 12 layer - finely chopped boiled egg (2 pcs.

Decorate with bees: cut into rings black and green olives, alternating between them lay the body of the bee, then cut the wings of the cabbage leaf, to make the eyes of mayonnaise...

Note the Salad to prepare in advance to soak...

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