Salad "Male whim"

→ Salad "Male whim"

picture - Salad "Male whim"Onions (2 onions) cut thin semicircles. Soak for 15 minutes in 6% vinegar (preferably apple).

Boiled beef (200g) chopped eggs (boiled 4 pieces) and cheese (100g) Grate (separately from each other).
On a platter stacked layers, slightly flattening each row:
1st layer - onions (vinegar drain);
2nd layer - mayonnaise;
some mayonnaise choose? we'll show

3rd layer - the meat;
4th layer - mayonnaise;
5th layer - egg;
6th layer - mayonnaise;
7th layer - cheese.
This salad eat everything, even those who do not like onions say he magnificent
More carrot layer on top for decoration.

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