Salad "liver miracle"

→ Salad "liver miracle"

picture - Salad "liver miracle"Quite popular are salads with liver. This salad can be an ideal snack, and thus decorate the Christmas table.

"Liver miracle" - a unique salad that incorporates a plurality of connected, seemingly completely different ingredients, and surprised us with their taste.

To prepare the salad, we need: 500g. boiled liver (pork, beef, turkey), 1 can of corn, 1 can of peas, 4-5 large onions, 10 eggs, salt, vinegar, mayonnaise.

The liver is necessary to boil, and should take into account that beef liver stiffer, for this reason, it should be much longer to cook the rest.

4-5 large bulbs must be cut into half rings or rings, add water and vinegar, add the bay leaf. That is, we onion pickle. Boil eggs and finely chop.

Once cooled the liver, we will cut into fairly small cubes. Select shallow and preferably glass sudochki.

Salad laid layers, each layer sprinkle with sliced egg and mayonnaise peremazyvaem.

1 layer - pickled onions

2 layer - rifled liver

3 layer - peas
some peas to choose? we'll show

4 layer - corn

5 layer - rifled liver

Top abundantly watered salad with mayonnaise, then it just need to decorate. Perfect decoration will be laid flowers or other shapes on a salad using peas.

Salad turns out very interesting, elegant, tasty and rich. Gustatory qualities of this salad is sure to delight you, prepare a "liver miracle", and make New Year's table is really unique.

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