Holiday salad with cod liver

→ Holiday salad with cod liver

picture - Holiday salad with cod liver

250 g cod liver oil

100 g cheese

100 g mayonnaise
some mayonnaise to choose? we'll show

7 of green onions

3 eggs

1 large carrot

4 tbsp. green peas

This Christmas salad has a tender, juicy and fresh taste, perfectly decorate the Christmas table.

Boil separately carrots and eggs, separate egg whites from yolks, RUB separately on a coarse grater carrots, proteins and cheese, mash with a fork cod liver oil, chopped green onions.

Take three deep trays of small diameter and grease of vegetable oil, put the lettuce in these molds layers, each spreading mayonnaise onions, whites, cheese, green peas, carrot, bow again, and liver.

Remove mold with salad cold before serving Christmas buffet flip form on a dish lined with lettuce leaves.

On each portion to RUB the yolks on a fine grater, decorate with greens.

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