Christmas salad "Snegovik"

→ Christmas salad "Snegovik"

picture - Christmas salad "Snegovik"

200 g carrots in Korean

200 g salted salmon
what kind of salmon to choose? we'll show

3 boiled eggs

2-3 boiled potatoes

1 a bunch of green onions


This elegant Christmas salad will be the brightest ornament Christmas table, and its remarkable taste everyone loves.

To grate the potatoes, finely chop the fish, chop a little carrot, chopped green onions, separately on a fine grater to grate the egg whites and yolks.

Put Christmas salad on a flat dish in layers in the form of a snowman: potato, pepper, mayonnaise, green onions, fish, mayonnaise, carrots, egg yolks, mayonnaise, proteins.

Issued Christmas salad "Snegovik as follows: hat, nose cut of boiled carrots, eyes and buttons - black pepper, eyebrows and mouth strips Korean carrots, cheeks and buttons a little sprinkle turmeric, scarf to make a bow.

Before serving Christmas buffet remove the salad in the cold.

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