The Christmas salad with sausage "Heavenly flower"

→ The Christmas salad with sausage "Heavenly flower"

picture - The Christmas salad with sausage "Heavenly flower"

100 g smoked sausage
what kind of sausage to choose? we'll show

100 g sausage

6 boiled eggs

3 boiled potatoes

2 pickles

1 boiled carrots

1 fresh cucumber

4 tbsp. mayonnaise

green onions




Design by:

1 a head of lettuce

1 cucumber

1 radish

1 bunch curly parsley

1 olive

the salami (for roses)

Peel eggs and vegetables, cut into cubes, set aside a small portion of protein for clearance.

Slice the sausages and cucumbers, chopped parsley, combine the vegetables, sausage, herbs and eggs, add mayonnaise, salt and stir.

On a large flat dish to put lettuce leaves, top with lettuce.

To make the salad the new year with sausage "Heavenly flower" as follows: around the salad in a circle to lay radish, between each radish put half Cup of cucumber, the next tier put the parsley, the flower on top of a salad made of sliced protein, olives and sausage.

Before serving Christmas buffet salad to cool.

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