Canaps cheese "Christmas candles"

→ Canaps cheese "Christmas candles"

picture - Canaps cheese "Christmas candles"

120 g cream cheese "viola"

100 g curd cheese with herbs

10 walnuts

8 olives

3 green onions

2 garlic cloves

1 cucumber

1 loaf of wheat bread

1 pepper

10 tbsp. sour cream

2 cococa yellow pepper (for registration flame of a candle)

Cut the bread into slices in olive oil or in the toaster fry.

Cut using molds from the pulp of bread shaped pieces.

Small cubes chopped bell pepper and cucumber, chopped green onion, stir it with cottage cheese.

7 nuts grind, mix with finely chopped olives and cream cheese, salt, stir.

Lubricating each piece of bread cooked fillings (fillings alternate), stack them on each other, forming candles.

Coat with sour cream Boca "candles".

Scraps of bread, the remaining walnuts and garlic and grind in a blender, sprinkle the mixture to the sides of the candles.

To make canaps cheese "Christmas candle" flame of yellow pepper, to make a "faulty wax" from sour cream, watering her candles on top, before serving Christmas buffet appetizer is cooled.

How to choose a toaster. We'll show you.

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