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American journalist Mark Kurland wrote a book, which became an international bestseller. It's called "Fish that Changed the World" and is devoted to ... cod. Today, the project "test purchases" - -  tell readers , how to choose the cod fillets to get maximum pleasure from food and favor.


When selecting cod fillets attached special importance to the appearance of the product. It should be of uniform color. The icing on the quality fillets should be completely transparent to shine and cut a thin layer covering the entire surface of the fish.

Make sure the fillets are no yellow spots - a sure sign that the fish had already begun to deteriorate, and dishes from it will be very bitter.


Packing of frozen fish fillets should not be damaged. It is desirable to make it transparent, and all the details from the label can be easily read. This means that the manufacturer has nothing to hide.


Keep cod fillets must be strictly in accordance with the conditions, otherwise it becomes a grayish hue. Eat such a product is dangerous to health.

If the fillet was subject to sudden temperature changes, enjoy the taste you are unlikely to succeed: fish acquire an unpleasant odor.

Fillets also must not lie too much time in the freezer. It certainly usohnet become unnaturally easy with brittle edges. Dishes such fish will not harm your health, but it will be fresh.

With these tips you can easily choose a quality product. Now that you know all the secrets of cod fillets, we offer you a recipe spicy cod in sour cream sauce.

These and many other tips and recipes you can find on the official website of the project "test purchases" Rejoice yourself and your family only the best, and we will help you make the right choice. Good luck with your purchase and enjoy your meal!

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