The Christmas salad with chicken "Nest of quail"

→ The Christmas salad with chicken "Nest of quail"

picture - The Christmas salad with chicken "Nest of quail"

300 g fresh cabbage

4 boiled eggs

3 potatoes raw

1 Bank canned corn
what kind of corn to choose? we'll show

1 smoked chicken leg

1 garlic clove

3 tbsp. poppy

mayonnaise/sour cream

Shred the cabbage thin strips, RUB with salt, to postpone a small part, the rest to put the first layer on a flat round dish, coat with mayonnaise.

The chicken chop, egg whites separated from the yolks, the whites RUB on a large grater, mix yolks with passed through the press garlic, poppy seeds and mayonnaise, roll the yolk mixture into balls.

Peel the potatoes, cut into small strips, deep-fry, put on paper towel to stack the excess fat.

Next, put Christmas salad layers: the cabbage with mayonnaise - chicken, then grated whites, mayonnaise, corn.

Put in the form of a circle lazy cabbage in the middle of the circle to put the cooked eggs quail from egg yolks, around put the fried potatoes, the circumference of the salad, sprinkle with green onions.

Before serving Christmas buffet cooling the Christmas salad with chicken "Nest of quail in the refrigerator no longer than one hour.

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