Salad Christmas "Trout in the hat"

→ Salad Christmas "Trout in the hat"

picture - Salad Christmas "Trout in the hat"

3 boiled eggs

3 pickled cucumber

2 tuber boiled potatoes

1 large cooked beets

1 big green Apple

1 onions

salted trout

some mayonnaise to choose? we'll show

Separate the egg yolks from whites separately to RUB on a grater.

Clean the vegetables, wash the apples, cucumbers, potatoes and beets separately.

Small cubes chop the onion and brown trout.

Put the salad in layers of potatoes, mayonnaise, trout, onion, Apple, mayonnaise, egg yolks, cucumber, mayonnaise and beetroot.

To make the salad Christmas "Trout in the hat" around the circumference of the grated egg whites and greens, from top to decorate proteins or onions before serving Christmas buffet cooling.

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