Salad "Xenia"

→ Salad "Xenia"

picture - Salad "Xenia"

400 g mayonnaise

300 g canned cucumbers

300 g fillet of smoked trout

100 g onions

10 eggs

2 carrots

1 picture - Salad "Xenia" the bank of red caviar

This beautiful and delicate in design Christmas salad with smoked trout will be enjoyed by all domestic and guests.

Boil until tender carrots and eggs, grate carrots and proteins on a coarse grater, egg yolks - on a fine.

Finely chop the cucumber, connect with the egg yolks, fish fillet chop with a fork.

Spread Christmas salad "Xenia" layers, lubricating mayonnaise:? proteins? cucumbers with egg yolks, chopped onions, fish, carrots, cucumbers, with the remaining egg yolks, remaining proteins.

Before serving remove the Christmas New Year's table salad "Xenia" in the cold for several hours, then place the red caviar and greens.

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