Salad with salmon "Christmas lights"

→ Salad with salmon "Christmas lights"

picture - Salad with salmon "Christmas lights"

300 g Salmon

70 g picture - Salad with salmon "Christmas lights" red caviar

6 boiled eggs

3 fresh cucumber

3 boiled carrots

1 head onions

1 bank corn




On a coarse grater rub purified boiled carrots and cucumbers.

Onions cleaned, cut into small cubes.

Separate the whites from the yolks of eggs cooked in different capacity to rub them on a coarse grater.

Cut into thin plastic fish defer 5 for plastics processing, cut the rest into cubes.

With corn drained, combine it with carrots, cucumbers and protein, add mayonnaise and mix well.

Shots lettuce platter, lay out the salad, put an even layer on top of the fish on it - the yolks, then place the salad: to make mayonnaise grid rosettes of lazy fish.

Also decorate the salad with salmon "Christmas lights" parsley and red caviar.

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