7 Rules of healthy eating during Lent

→ 7 Rules of healthy eating during Lent

picture - 7 Rules of healthy eating during LentGreat Post certainly is the brightest time in the Orthodox calendar. During Lent is enlightenment and purification of body and soul. Spiritual purification is carried out with the help of prayers, confessions, deeds good deeds. Corporal same purification is achieved through the use of a meatless diet and abstinence from alcohol. But in spite of that Great Post carries all only the light, it is quite simple. So during lent should be aware of the rules that will help to fast without harm for health.

1. Remember that the refusal of protein foods especially meat should not be drastic. For a smooth transition follows the week before the beginning of lent to refuse meat dishes, but to continue to eat dairy products, fish.

2. Try to make your meatless diet as varied as possible. Each product has its own set of vitamins and minerals, so the more varied the diet, the easier your body to get the nutrients you need.

3. During lent physically try not to overwork. If you cannot do this, you allow yourself more high-calorie foods.

4. Avoid drinking alcohol... even after the end of the post, or the first time, eat a small amount.

5. After the end of the post do not change dramatically the power mode and the amount of servings. While you are fasting, the body was in power saving mode, and he needs time to adjust. If you dramatically increase the amount of food consumed, can see it on my body in the form of extra pounds.

6. Do not immediately after the post to lean on the meat. Protein foods are better to begin with eggs. Reason eggs are one of the traditional food on Easter.

7. Never forget that the purpose of fasting is not on hunger strike, and in compassion, love, and repentance. And if for health reasons you need to enter into the diet of meat or other products, the Church will give his blessing.

For each person, the post can carry its own meaning, different from the conventional. For some it is a time of spiritual cleansing for someone, perhaps a way to lose weight. But in either case don't forget to ask yourself, is it worth to strictly comply with all restrictions, if they go in harm to health?

Author: Irina Saltanov

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