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In summer, when in the midst of the vegetable season, many people try to eat vegetables not only in its natural form, but besmear them more in the winter, to marinate, then to enjoy them after harvest. Today on the agenda pickled pumpkin - unusual and very spicy vegetable appetizer.

It is hardly possible to say that in our country pickled pumpkin is very popular - you know about this method of cooking the pumpkin and cook it a few. But in Estonia it is exactly the opposite. Pickled pumpkin - Estonian national dish, and it makes every other mistress or without cause. Eat it in everyday life and submit to the Christmas table every year is one of the most common traditions.

Pickled pumpkin called "Estonian pineapple" because of the unusual taste reminiscent of this tropical fruit. In Estonia, it is called local pineapple.

The taste of the pickled pumpkin, sweet and sour, spicy, and serve it can be any meat dishes - the taste combination is excellent. It can also be served as a separate snack - verify: long on the table she will not be late! Good this pumpkin will in salads, in various baking with it, for example, you can make delicious pies.

Recipe pickled pumpkin

picture - Pickled pumpkin
You will need: 1kg pumpkin purified, 500ml water, 8 buds cloves, 6 peppercorns allspice, 1.5 cups sugar, 1 cinnamon stick (optional), 2-St.l. vinegar 30%, a small piece of fresh ginger, nutmeg grated.

How to marinate a pumpkin. Dice to cut into 2cm pumpkin, put in pot, cover with warm clean water dissolved with vinegar and sugar, leave overnight in the syrup. Put in a gauze bag all the spices, put it to the pumpkin in the marinade, turn on the fire and cook the pumpkin until transparent 5-min, turn the heat off and leave the pumpkin on the stove for half an hour, covered, to get spices, put the pumpkin into sterilized jars and close with sterile lids. To eat this pumpkin can the next day.

Making pickled pumpkin for the first time, don't roll up your it directly into the banks. Better the first time to do it in a small amount and leave in the fridge for a couple of days, and then try and adjust the recipe to your taste in terms of acidity and sweetness, and then do a starter already in large volumes and roll, being sure of its wonderful taste.

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