Soup-polypure with millet and trout

→ Soup-polypure with millet and trout

picture - Soup-polypure with millet and trout

300 g trout (with skin)

1,5 l water

200 g millet

2 tuber potatoes

1 head onions

1 carrots

1/2 tomatoes (without skin)

Bay leaf


From a piece of fish, the Bay it with cold water, boil the broth for 15-20 min, remove the fish from the broth, cut, remove the skin and bones, cut into small pieces.

The broth over medium heat, bring to boil.

Millet washed, scalded with boiling water, drain water, add in fish broth

Peel the potatoes, random cut (because it needs to be crushed), add to soup with millet.

In a pan with a little oil and 1-2 tbsp of water simmered chopped carrot, tomato and onion.

When the potatoes are ready, remove it from the broth, crushed, add mashed potatoes, vegetables and fish in the soup.

For 5-10 minutes until cooked add in the soup-polypure with millet and trout Bay leaf and salt.

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