Tiki-bar: the Hawaiian area in Moscow

→ Tiki-bar: the Hawaiian area in Moscow

Official opening - February 8, 2008

Aloha, Hawaii!
In the heart of the capital, has opened a new "Tiki bar", which means "beach bar". His "authors" - the notorious Dmitry Sokolov and Maxim Kobold ("Help", "Subject", "Booze bub").

picture - Tiki-bar: the Hawaiian area in Moscow

Bar is decorated in Hawaiian style. The input starts with an iron ship doors. In the wardrobe offers a "captain", and then the man simply costume, if you look too young, asked to show a passport: up to 21 years in the bar is not allowed. However, in the evening on a weekday to go, if you promise not to drink alcohol. This is very strange when you consider that alcohol age in Russia is 18 years old, and the most expensive drinks in the bar - just cocktails (350-500 rubles).
About the interior. Here is a very simple oak furniture that is well-emphasizes the theme of the restaurant: the minimum pathos and glamour.

picture - Tiki-bar: the Hawaiian area in Moscowpicture - Tiki-bar: the Hawaiian area in Moscow

The bar has a Marina with pricelevel vehicle with tables, boats, surrounded by painted palm trees on the walls (they are made as a seat near the table, and toilet cubicles stylized "beach changing rooms". Exclusively for beauty are only wooden idols. Maybe it's the simplicity and the relative novelty of the bar, located in Central Moscow, and expects to bribe guests?

About the menu. Fascinating long list of ingredients exotic cocktails in a great color bar card. Eloquent and names: maraschino, puree lychee, Mangalore, Reposado, rose syrup and other Various and certain types of alcoholic beverages. One only rum here from the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Barbados, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Martinique and Brazil.

Of course, those who have not attained the age of 21, have nothing to do here.

picture - Tiki-bar: the Hawaiian area in Moscowpicture - Tiki-bar: the Hawaiian area in Moscow

Extracts from the menu:

  • Mozzarella Caprese 270 R.,
  • Fish appetizer (Icelandic herring, mackerel, salmon) - 250 p,
  • Carpaccio of tomatoes - 190 R.,
  • Tuna carpaccio and salmon - 240 R.,
  • Beef carpaccio - 240 R.,
  • Meat appetizer (Parma ham, pork, chicken roll) - 250 p,
  • Cheese plate (Dor-blue, Sauro, Camembert, Ramboll) - 250 R.


  • BALI DREAM 250 ml (Dima''s Tiki Grog, cranberry syrup, coconut puree, lime, peach juice) - 500 R.
  • LOVER'S CUP 500 ml vodka, pear puree, strawberry puree, lime juice, SOHO liqueur, champagne) - 450 R.,
  • PARADISE PUNCH 400 ml (Bacardi white, apricot brandy, passion fruit puree, fresh pineapple, raspberry puree) - 400 R.
  • GOOD TIME GIRL 400 ml (vodka, mango liqueur, mango puree, passion fruit puree, passion syrup, vanilla ice cream) - 350 R.
  • CARIBEAN TOUCH 500 ml (Bacardi light, fresh pineapple, mango liqueur, sugar syrup, grapefruit juice, puree kiwi) - 500 R.
  • ZOMBI 400 ml (Bacardi dark Bacardi light, Bacardi gold, cherry liqueur, apricot liqueur, orange juice, pineapple juice, sour mix, grenadine) - 400 R.
  • TIKI MOJITO 400 ml (Bacardi gold, mango liqueur, puree of exotic fruits, sugar syrup, mint, lime, soda) 350 R.,
  • TREASURE CHEST 4 HP (Dima''s Tiki Grog, cherry brandy, peach puree, lime juice, rose syrup, champagne) - 5000 R.

Address bar "Tiki bar": Moscow, Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya street, 3


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