Stewed in sour cream the rabbit

→ Stewed in sour cream the rabbit

picture - Stewed in sour cream the rabbit

1 rabbit

400 g sour cream

2 onions

1 carrots


Bay leaf

vegetable oil

black pepper


Tender rabbit cooked in this recipe will perfectly decorate the Christmas table, will appeal to all who are going after him.

Rabbit to prepare, wash, chop, add salt and pepper, fry in vegetable oil.

Onion and carrot finely chop and fry, put on the bottom of the tank to extinguish the rabbit, put the meat on top.

Sour cream mixed with hot water, add seasoning and pour the sauce pieces of rabbit.

Preparing stewed in sour cream rabbit about 1 hour, if you want to add to the meat boiled water, bring on the new year's buffet hot.

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