Fruit jelly in watermelon

→ Fruit jelly in watermelon

picture - Fruit jelly in watermelon

What you need:

2 kg small watermelon - 1 pc. (1 1/2 -)

4 pcs. pears

4 pcs. apples

400 g melon

200 g apricots

1 glass dry white wine

200 g seedless grapes

2 glass sugar

1-2 cinnamon (stick) - see

1/2 l water

20 g gelatin

Watermelon cut in half, remove the flesh. Peeled apples, pears and melon cut into cubes. We apricots remove seeds. Gelatin soak in cold water.

Of water and 1/2 norm sugar syrup boil, put it in apples, pears, apricots, blanch for 1-2 minutes.

1/3 watermelon flesh cut into cubes, chop the rest, put in the syrup, add the remaining sugar, cinnamon, wine and simmer for 3 minutes. Ready strain the syrup, combine with the swollen gelatin, bring to a boil. Refrigerate.

Watermelon halves 1/4 volume fill jelly, let it harden. The remaining fruits and berries spread layers, filling each time a small amount of jelly. Refrigerate until completely gelling.

When serving, cut the jelly with watermelon rinds into portions.

Bon Appetite!

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