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picture - Child safety in the kitchenIn Russia annually register about 11-12 million domestic injury, about 80% of them get in the kitchen. Most often, children suffer. To suppress a child's natural curiosity towards the world, perhaps, not worth it. Instead to keep the jig in the kitchen, better do it yourself place in the most convenient and safe.

Love to have fun, the kids can easily hurt the sharp corners of furniture in the kitchen and get injured. Therefore, any exposed surfaces should be with rounded corners.

Children are often interested in the stove, which is usually something gurgles, fried and is Smoking. Make sure that the handles of pots and pans, standing on the stove, always been turned inside - then the child will not be able to reach out for them.

By the way, the plate of the new generation is equipped with a special ceramic lattices (enclosing railing). They do not allow the child to touch the burners or accidentally knock over the food.

picture - Child safety in the kitchenIf the stove is off, it does not mean that no kind of danger. Little Explorer can open the gas and light the burner. In this case created a special system gas control and constraints that do not allow to turn or twist of the handle.

Keep away from baby appliances - blenders, mixers, vegetable slicers, meat grinders, coffee makers and electric kettles. The baby can instantly learn these adult toys.

Access to the refrigerator may be opened, only put on the top shelf all the most dangerous, for example, a pot of soup. The refrigerator door can be attached drawing Board with chalk, it will distract the child's attention from the content of the white Cabinet.

Trash container, usually placed under the sink, it is best to keep it securely closed door. And outlet wear special plugs that can be removed using a secure key.

As for the kitchen floor, it should be easily cleaned and do not slip. If the floor covering selected ceramic tiles, simply cover it with mats.

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