If your child takes off in a dream quilt

→ If your child takes off in a dream quilt

picture - If your child takes off in a dream quiltHave you encountered such a problem that okologodovaly child sleeps under a blanket, and a blanket? You several times a night trying to hide the baby, but to no avail. In a sleeping bag to lay the child you are afraid: suddenly confused crumb.

In such cases, many parents put on the baby's pajamas - &&171; and let him sleep as he wants&# 187 ;. Others use a cotton or fleece slip - in this slipike warm and comfortable.

As for sleeping, some children try to throw it like a blanket, and sometimes wake up in the hysteria from the inability to do so. Other kids sleeping bag like it, especially if he used to sleep in it almost from birth.

&&171; My dearly loves his sleeping bag, not confused and does not fall anywhere&# 187 ;, - says one mom at a parent forum. Another says: &&171; son about a year, sleeping without a blanket, sleeping bag. Not confused and crashes down in it, and very walking along furniture&# 187 ;.

Throw down a blanket and children 2 and 3 years. Someone even manages to shoot in his sleep socks. There are guys who normally sleep under the covers, if their legs are not covered, and stick out. Here's a paradox! Moreover, it may continue into adolescence. More children are sometimes quietly sleeping under a blanket in the afternoon and did not buzz, and at night - in any!

And finally. Try not to play with your child at bedtime active games, make better kid relaxing massazhik. Giving eating sweets, including ice cream and fruit, bedtime is not recommended.

Let the kid sure to clean the teeth. By 2 years of a child must have his toothbrush. You can use toothpaste when her baby is able to spit and rinse your mouth with water. Usually this occurs over the age of 3 years.

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