What sweetness useful for children?

→ What sweetness useful for children?

picture - What sweetness useful for children?The later the child will taste the sweetness, the better. However, to limit the baby sweets can be difficult, especially if a family has older children.

Considered the most useful sweets dried fruits, marshmallows and jellies. The child can be given and ice cream, pre-melt it to a liquid state. With regard to chocolate, it also has useful properties, but the baby may be diathesis. In this dark chocolate to give is not recommended at all.

Remember, it is not necessary to treat the child's daily sweet, so it does not get used. The limit on the day for a three-year child - or a marshmallow or a few marmeladin or one candy, or one or two pieces of chocolate.

The total dose of sugar per day for children 1-1.5 years 30-40 years Children at this age is better to give candy, marshmallows, marmalade, jam and honey, if they do not have an allergy to it.

Products made with fructose, less violate the acid-alkaline balance of the oral cavity, which is less contribute to the development of caries. Fructose is evenly absorbed and assimilated by the body, which prevents sudden changes in blood glucose levels.

By the way, properly made fructose is almost 1.75 times sweeter than sucrose. This allows you to use it in small quantities.

Sweets negative impact on tooth enamel. If you use them regularly, you might see decay. Therefore, parents need to Sweet pay more attention to dental care of the child. Immediately after drinking sweet recommended to rinse his mouth or brush your teeth.

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