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Rice with vegetables dish for those who want to eat healthy. Easy, but nutritious, it will appeal to anyone who prefers after eating to stay well-fed, but without heaviness. How to cook a delicious rice with vegetables we will cover in this article.

Among those who are trying to avoid eating meat animals, or vegetarians, simply put, such as rice dish with vegetables is one of the most popular and common. And all because these products are many useful substances, in combination with each other they are delicious dish, the taste of which can be adjusted by adding vegetables and spices to your taste. This is an easy side dish, quick to prepare, or a second dish that can be submitted for lunch or dinner.

Rice with vegetables is an excellent solution for fast days diet. It can be made with fresh or frozen vegetables depending on the season and how you like.

We will discuss a simple way of cooking rice with vegetables.

This option supply of rice works well because its a much better position for those who are not very fond of rice in pure form as a garnish.

Recipe rice with vegetables

picture - Rice with vegetablesIngredients:

200g rice
1 onion and carrots
? tin canned sweet corn and green peas

Method of preparation:

How to cook a delicious rice with vegetables. Boil the rice in a little water - it is supposed to be crumbly. Cubes chop the carrot and onion, put the onions in the pan with oil, put 4-5 minutes, add the carrots, bring to her soft, put the rice, stir, put together 5 minutes, then add peas and corn without liquid, put all 5-min, pepper, salt, all sprinkled with turmeric, stir thoroughly, then 2-3min and serve. Bon appetit!

Rice can be cooked with any vegetables except those specified in the recipe it can be zucchini, green beans, eggplant, tomatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, etc.

The principle of cooking one: boiled rice, vegetables brought to readiness in the pan, then everything is mixed and seasoned with spices. And the recipe can be for any taste, so give it a try.

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