Pilaf "Uzbek"

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The recipe is unique because this pilaf is cooked only in Uzbekistan!

For cooking we need:

500 g lamb (meat)

3 carrots

1 PCs The onions in the number of (larger)

3,5 glass Parboiled rice ()

? tsp. barberry

Hot red pepper

Salt to taste

8-10 garlic cloves

Vegetable oil

To start, cut the lamb into small pieces. Then take a kettle or Dutch oven, pour down the vegetable oil and fry the meat over medium heat. The Zeta finely cut onions and carrots RUB on a grater, all this put in pot and fry with the meat, sprinkle all the spices.

Then pour into the cauldron washed thoroughly rice, fill it completely with water (above the rice to one and a half to two inches). Then add pilaf garlic cloves, increase to maximum fire and cook to a full boil water.

After the water boils away, it is necessary to detect 2-3 minutes and turn the heat off. Cover pot with a lid, cover with towel and allow the dish to stand for about two hours. Bon appetit!

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