Pilaf with catfish (Lakka fires)

→ Pilaf with catfish (Lakka fires)

picture - Pilaf with catfish (Lakka fires)200g of rice, 100g of fish (catfish), 50g butter, 100g carrots, onions 50g, 10g garlic, salt and spices - to taste.

Option arose among the fishermen of Naryn, Kara Darya, Shahrihansaya by now forgotten. Very good risotto is obtained from nekostistyh sturgeon.

Clear catfish, rinse in warm water, dry cloth and cut into slices, on skewers. To neutralize fishy odor, sprinkle with salt, black pepper, mixed with crushed garlic. Overtempered vegetable oil, fry the fish in it until golden brown, remove and set aside.

In another pot heat the oil, fry the onion, put the carrots, cut into strips, just add water and cook until half cooked carrots. Then fill the washed rice, pour the necessary water and cook pilaf, as usual. Before covering the middle pilaf do well, put the prepared fish, collect rice mound in the middle of the boiler and cover for 20-25 minutes.

Before serving, mix the contents of the boiler, to shift slide onto a plate and serve with a salad of vegetables.
It turns crumbly white risotto with pieces of fried fish, with conspicuous yellow stripes carrots.

Taste: particular, a combination of rice, grilled fish and carrots with the aroma of garlic and spices.

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