Pilaf "Student"

→ Pilaf "Student"

picture - Pilaf "Student"

2 glass figure

1 PCs carrots

2 PCs bow

50 g vegetable oil

1 PCs garlic

pilaf student:

We shall cut the onion half-rings, and carrot strips. At this time, were heated vegetable oil in the casserole. When the oil is heated, fry it with onions and carrots at the same time.

Until carrots and onions are fried, pour the rice with boiling water.

picture - Pilaf "Student"

picture - Pilaf "Student"

When the onions with carrots browned, pour out the water from rice and add to the pot.

Salt, pepper, add the seasoning to the rice and pour water on two fingers.

picture - Pilaf "Student"

Cook on maximum heat. Top omit the garlic. When the water has boiled away, - cover with a lid and turn off.

picture - Pilaf "Student"

Wait 5 min, after which visiem risotto on a plate and lightly recoveries.

picture - Pilaf "Student"

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