Salad for children "Lion"

→ Salad for children "Lion"

picture - Salad for children "Lion"

200 g meat

150 g hard cheese

3 eggs

2 boiled potatoes

1 cucumber

1 boiled carrots

? bell pepper

sour cream


Rub on a coarse grater potatoes, put on a plate in the form of a lion's mane, brush cream.

The next layer - finely sliced meat, sour cream.

3 layer - grated 2 eggs, sour cream.

4 layer - grated cheese.

Cheese put "mane" of carrots, grated on a fine grater and pepper, also the last to make the mouth. Make a crust of bread from the spout of a protein - face and eyes, fresh cucumber - mustaches, eyelashes and pupils, from the yolk - ears.

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