Festive salad with ham: 6 recipes

→ Festive salad with ham: 6 recipes

picture - Festive salad with ham: 6 recipes

Ham - a favorite of many fans of the meat product a tasty meal. But it is good not only for sandwiches, but also for the festive salads, which can be obtained with it very, very tasty.

Ham absolutely no hassle: I bought it, it is already possible to cut and put in a salad. Therefore, in salads, it is used more often than boiled meat and other meat products. In this article we have collected recipes for delicious festive salad with ham with a beautiful design.

First recipe: ham salad with mushrooms and cheese

picture - Festive salad with ham: 6 recipes

You will need: 250g of ham, cheese 200g, 100g of canned peas and pickled mushrooms (or other. Fungi), 80 g of mayonnaise, sour cream 50g, herbs, salt.

How to prepare a salad with mushrooms and ham. Diced ham slice, rub on a coarse grater cheese, chop the mushrooms, combine products, add the peas, sour cream mixed with mayonnaise, salt the mix. Make salad greens and mushrooms.

Second recipe: Salad with ham, pineapple and vegetables

picture - Festive salad with ham: 6 recipes

You will need: 750g fresh or canned pineapple, ham 400g, 100g of cheese, 1-2 garlic cloves, 1 large tomato, corn and olives bank, mayonnaise.

How to cook a festive salad with ham and pineapple. Cut pineapple into cubes, tomato and ham. One-third of banks olives leave for decoration, the rest cut into rings, on a fine grater rub cheese, deferring to process half. Prepared foods to mix, add chopped garlic, salt the, mayonnaise, put the salad in a salad bowl. Garnish with cheese and black olives.

If the clearance to take another and chips, you can make a salad as a favorite "Sunflowers".

Third recipe: Salad with ham, beans and tomatoes

picture - Festive salad with ham: 6 recipes

You will need: 100g of ham, cheese 50g, 2 tomato? cans white beans in tomato sauce, mayonnaise.

How to prepare a salad with ham, tomatoes and beans. By small cubes chop the tomatoes, put the first layer. The second put beans with sauce. The third layer - sliced ham, then make mayonnaise grid, sprinkle with grated cheese on a fine grater. Make salad greens.

The photo is also used for the decoration of red bell pepper, cut into thin strips.

Recipe Four: Salad "Ham under a fur coat"

picture - Festive salad with ham: 6 recipes

You will need: 300g smoked ham, cheese 100-150g, 4-5 tubers boiled potatoes, boiled eggs 3-4, 2-3 pickled cucumbers, boiled 1-2 carrots, 1 apple and boiled beet, mayonnaise, pomegranate seeds, garlic, salt.

How to cook a Christmas salad "Ham under a fur coat." Diced cucumber slice, ham, and beets, eggs, potatoes, carrots rubbed on a coarse grater. Spread salad layers: potatoes, mayonnaise, cucumber, mayonnaise, ham, mayonnaise, grated on a coarse grater apple (peeled), egg, mayonnaise, cheese, mayonnaise, carrots, mayonnaise, beets, mixed with mayonnaise and grated garlic. Sprinkle the salad with pomegranate seeds and place to taste before serving to give it brew.

Recipe Five: Quick salad with ham, cucumber and croutons

You will need: 200g of ham, 100g olives and mayonnaise, crackers 50g long, 2 pickled cucumbers.

How to cook a simple festive salad with ham and croutons. Cut into thin julienne cucumber and ham, finely chopped raspberries, to connect with the products, add croutons and mayonnaise, mix well. Put salad on a platter and garnish with olives.

Serve this salad is better to, prepare in advance and should not be, because crackers swell.

Recipe Six: Light salad cocktail with ham, cucumber and pepper

You will need: 2 cucumbers, cabbage head lettuce 1.5, 1 bell pepper, chopped 0.5 cups of ham and cheese, 2 tablespoons mayonnaise, parsley.

How to cook a light salad with ham. In a wine glass or kremanku put lettuce, spread layers of products: first, the cheese, then ham, then cut into julienne cucumbers, bell peppers, mayonnaise. Drizzle salad with mayonnaise and parsley issue.

Salads with ham may be different, and everyone can find recipes among the proposed product mix to your taste!

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