Salad "Ermak"

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For the recipe You will need:

400 g marinated mushrooms

400 g pickles

400 g herring (fillet)
what herring to choose? we'll show

450 g potatoes (boiled)

spices, fresh dill, to taste


sunflower oil (unrefined)

All the ingredients are cut into large cubes.

Cabbage leaves boiled as cabbage rolls, but in any case not digest: they must remain well-crispy (this is best done in the microwave). Spread on one side of the sharp and quite dense adjika, wrap, as cabbage rolls (they are flat).

Put in a bowl, if adjika from cabbage is not leaked, it is still a bit smeared on them, the easy yoke and put in the refrigerator. Ready in a couple of hours, although it is best if you can stand longer. And water lightly with vegetable oil (you can immediately, and when you serve).

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