Salad "Rainbow"

→ Salad "Rainbow"

picture - Salad "Rainbow"

250 g Poultry;

100 g Cauliflower;

100 g Canned corn -
some corn to choose? we'll show

3 Potatoes - Club

4 pcs. Eggs;

1 pcs. Onion;

Mayonnaise, black pepper, salt

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To prepare the salad "Rainbow", poultry meat, boil in lightly salted water. Cool and cut into small slices. Cauliflower cut into small strips. Peeled and boiled potatoes cut into cubes. Boil hard boiled eggs. Then, cool and clean, finely chop. Toss the sliced products, adding Olivier peeled and crushed onions, corn and pepper and salt to taste. Ready salad season with light mayonnaise.

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