Festive Salad "Dollar"

→ Festive Salad "Dollar"

picture - Festive Salad "Dollar"

200 g fresh cabbage

5 crab sticks
What to choose? we'll show

1 egg

? bulbs


To decorate:

5 boiled egg whites

1 boiled egg yolk

1 Bank of green peas

1 Bank of canned corn



black olives

This original Christmas salad made from simple ingredients, it perfectly decorate the Christmas table and surprise guests.

Finely shred the cabbage, finely chopped boiled egg, crab sticks and onion, add the corn, mayonnaise, mix, out onto a plate, to give the salad a rectangular shape.

Proteins grate surface salad sprinkle them face cut out cheese to make the facial features of the olives.

Around the portrait sprinkle corn and green peas, clothing made from grated egg yolks and thin plates of protein.

Of chopped gherkins to make a rectangular frame, lettering made from olives, gherkins and mayonnaise.

Before serving on the New Year's table cool salad "Usd" in the refrigerator.

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