Festive Salad "Pearl"

→ Festive Salad "Pearl"

picture - Festive Salad "Pearl"

500 g shrimp

300 g squid

100 g hard cheese

4 eggs

1 picture - Festive Salad "Pearl" the bank of red caviar


This delicate and beautiful Christmas salad with cheese and seafood beautifully decorate the Christmas table and will appeal to all who meet him.

Squid and shrimp boil for 5 min, slightly salted.

Boil until cooked eggs, peel, separate protein 1 egg for decoration, the rest of grate cheese and grate.

Several rings of squid and shrimp, as well as part of eggs and cheese left for clearance.

Connect shredded squid and peeled shrimp with caviar, eggs and grated cheese, add mayonnaise and mix, put Christmas salad "Pearl" in a salad bowl and garnish with grated cheese on a fine grater, make the flower of the rings of squid, shrimp salad and arrange caviar.

Before serving remove the Christmas New Year's table salad "Pearl" in the cold.

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