Salad "Raffaello"

→ Salad "Raffaello"

picture - Salad "Raffaello"

150 g cheese

2 eggs

1 chicken leg

mashed potatoes

Chips "Pringles"

garlic (to taste)

ground black pepper

some mayonnaise choose? we'll show


This New Year's salad is a combination of snacks and hot dishes - mashed potatoes, the idea here in registration, whereby salad perfectly decorate the Christmas table.

Boil the whole leg until tender, add salt and add spices and onions, finely chopped.

Boil eggs, rub on a medium grater, cheese rubbed garlic passed through the press, to connect everything with salt and pepper, add mayonnaise and mix well.

Roll of cooked weight balls, roll them in grated cheese.

Put in the center of dishes mashed potatoes (you can use any New Year's salad or similar ingredients) to give it shape and decorate with greenery, each chipsinku put on the ball "Raffaello", spread around the mashed potato chips and serve salad on New Year's table.

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