New Year's salad "for Carrot Rabbit"

→ New Year's salad "for Carrot Rabbit"

picture - New Year's salad "for Carrot Rabbit"

300 g carrots

300 g Potato

200 g ham

2 large pickles


some mayonnaise choose? we'll show


Enjoy the host of the coming year, having prepared the Christmas salad that perfectly decorate the Christmas table.

Boil until tender carrots and potatoes, grate the potatoes on a coarse grater, carrots - on a small individually.

Cucumber rubbed or finely chopped, diced ham.

Spread Christmas salad layers: potatoes, mayonnaise, ham, mayonnaise, cucumber and carrot.

Carrot tops to make dill or parsley before serving New Year's table to remove the salad "for Carrot Rabbit" in the cold.

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