Chicken salad with "New Year Rabbit"

→ Chicken salad with "New Year Rabbit"

picture - Chicken salad with "New Year Rabbit"

300 g chicken

200 g mayonnaise
some mayonnaise choose? we'll show

150 g prunes

100 g walnuts

100 g hard cheese

100 g creamy cream cheese

4 eggs

2 carrots

1 Chinese cabbage

fresh herbs (basil, parsley and dill)

Another New Year's salad as a rabbit, easy to prepare and delicious, it is beautifully decorate the Christmas table.

Boiled chicken disassembled into fiber, carrots, eggs cook, rub on a grater separately.

Cut into thin strips prunes, grate the cheese separately, crushed walnuts.

Combine carrots, eggs, chicken, prunes, nuts and cheese, stir, add mayonnaise, divided into two parts - a smaller and more.

Shots dish of Chinese cabbage leaves, put most of the lettuce in the form of the body, less - in the form of a rabbit head.

Make the ears of Chinese cabbage, sprinkle with grated cheese melted rabbit eyes do prune, before being sent to New Year's table to remove salad "New Year Rabbit" in the cold.

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