Salad of cod liver oil with rice

→ Salad of cod liver oil with rice

picture - Salad of cod liver oil with rice

Required products:

1 cod liver canned Bank

180 g figure

3-4 PCs tomatoes

200 g onion

3 PCs the boiled egg

100 g green peas
some peas to choose? we'll show

3 PCs pickles

parsley or dill for decoration


ground pepper - to taste

60 g green salad

Figure plucked, washed, pour in boiling salted water (water should be 6 times more than grits and cook until tender, then throw in a colander and allow to drain. Cool.

Onions and tomatoes cut into thin rings, lettuce sticks, cucumber - slices.

Eggs and cod liver finely chopped, add green peas, rice and chopped vegetables. Seasoned with salt, pepper, chopped herbs, pouring from canned food, mix carefully.

Salad stack slide in a salad bowl. Arrange slices of tomatoes and eggs, lettuce.

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